Fillseo 2020.11 Preview

三 Samsunbook Summary
Book Name : Happy Nation Samsun Korea 2020.11
Book Writer : Brent Oh
I read Samsunbook.
Samsun is People Earth Heaven Sincere Brave Free.
Samsun is Father Jesus Spirit Fear Sacrifice Truth.
I meet Samsundang People.
Samsundang People reads Samsunbook.
Samsundang People makes the world happy.

三 Book Top 20%
s353 Sing the Dawn
s105 Happiness Spell Samsunju
s634 My History
s108 Alone My Fault
s344 Bible Three Samsunbook Seven
s761 Breath Stats Meditate
s609 Crazy in English
s249.2 Diary Three Samsunbook Seven
s102 Dream Big
s104 Easy Handwriting
s637 Exit Samsun
s282 Fast Three Exact Seven
s168.3 Fate Three Effort Seven
s170 Go the extra mile
s137 God Job
s619 Grow by Alone
s417 Grow by Fault
s289 I am a Writer
s337 Life Joy Samsunbook
s352 Live in Future
s317 Make Money Fast
s110 Old Three New Seven
s249 Past Three Future Seven
s327.2 Poem Song Fiction Movie
s347 Process Seven Result Three
s330 Rank Expert s206 Rank makes Order
s876 Samsundang Epitaph
s349 See Call
s336 Self Teaching
s641 Walked the way
s297 With Only One Flag

三 Writer Brent Oh
2010.04 English Samsunbook Writer Brent Oh ( )
2003.03 Korean Bar Exam 1997.07 Big Company
1992.03 Catholic Church 1988.08 Wonbuddhism