Aseo 2021.04 Preview

(土) Aseo Book Summary
Aseo Name : Reading Staying Aseo Apro 2021.04
Aseo Writer : Brent Oh
_01 I read Aseo.
_02 I stay in Apro.
_03 Samsun Aju. Blue Green Red. Fill-Need Run-Fast Empty-Desire. Water-Tree Gold-Earth Sun-Moon-Fire. Water Earth Fire Deep Wide Circle People Earth Sky. Fear Sacrifice Truth Father Jesus Samsun. Congress Executive Court. Silla Baekje Goguryeo.
_04 Hangul is Big Bowl which contains all Language.
_05 Apro is Big Bowl which embraces all People.

(土) Aseo King
* Job Money s2650
* I am to be Busy s4040
* New Name Aju s7083
* New Nation Fill-Korea s7230
* Fill-Need Run-Fast Empty-Desire s8002
* Big Bowl Hangul Apro s2490
* Reading Book Staying Group s2700
* Larger Expert s7040

(土) Writer Information
Aseo Writer Brent Oh
http://Fillseo.Pro ( )
2010.0422t I write Aseo.
2021.0319g I stay in Apro.